In all my years as a fan of Heavy Metal, I have never been quite so taken aback by the discovery of a new band than when I invested in a copy of Iced Earth's "Alive In Athens" triple-CD set, sometime in 1999. Having been a Maiden fan for most of my life, it was immediately obvious after two songs that this was a band I would soon adore and that I had just spent the best part of a decade blissfully unaware that such sheer Metal genius existed. The live album features many, if not most, of the band's finest material and so it was a perfect introduction to this astonishing US power metal five-piece. I have since been compelled to buy all the Iced Earth albums and it would be an understatement to say that I now find myself with a new favourite band. Iced Earth fucking rule, brothers and sisters, and here is my own tiny tribute to the world's greatest Heavy Metal band. There's nothing here you won't already know (except a few unsolicited opinions!) and there are far better sites than this dedicated to the band, but I just wanted to show my appreciation, in however small a way, for this most magnificent of Metal bands. All Hail Iced Earth!!!

For an authoritative biography of the band, I thoroughly recommend you check out ICED WORLD, the most comprehensive Iced Earth fan site on the Net...

Here's the current line-up:

JON SCHAFFER - Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals





ICED EARTH Discography

Again, this is all information you can get elsewhere, but after each bit of album info I've included my own review and my thoughts on each one of the band's releases.

ICED EARTH (Century Media 1991)

Iced Earth, Written On The Walls, Colors, Curse The Sky, Life & Death, Solitude, The Funeral, When The Night Falls

NIGHT OF THE STORMRIDER (Century Media 1992)

Angels Holocaust, Stormrider, The Path I Choose, Before The Vision, Mystical End, Desert Rain, Pure Evil, Reaching The End, Travel In Stygian

BURNT OFFERINGS (Century Media 1995)

Burnt Offerings, Last December, Diary, Brainwashed, Burning Oasis, Creator Failure, The Pierced Spirit, Dante's Inferno

THE DARK SAGA (Century Media 1996)

Dark Saga, I Died For You, Violate, The Hunter, The Last Laugh, Depths Of Hell, Vengeance Is Mine, Scarred, Slave To The Dark, A Question Of Heaven

DAYS OF PURGATORY (Century Media 1997)

CD One: Enter The Realm, Colors, Angels Holocaust, Stormrider, Winter Nights, Nightmares, Before The Vision, Pure Evil, Solitude, The Funeral, When The Night Falls

CD Two: Burnt Offerings, Cast In Stone, Desert Rain, Brainwashed, Life & Death, Creator Failure, Reaching The End, Travel In Stygian, Dante's Inferno, Iced Earth


Burning Times, Melancholy (Holy Martyr), Disciples Of The Lie, Watching Over Me, Stand Alone, Stand Alone, Consequences, My Own Savior, Reaping Stone, 1776, Blessed Are You, Prophecy, Birth Of The Wicked, The Coming Curse

ALIVE IN ATHENS (Century Media 1999)

CD One: Burning Times, Vengeance Is Mine, Pure Evil, My Own Savior, Melancholy (Holy Martyr), Dante's Inferno, The Hunter, Travel In Stygian, Slave To The Dark, A Question Of Heaven

CD Two: Dark Saga, Last Laugh, Last December, Watching Over Me, Angels Holocaust, Stormrider, Path I Choose, I Died For You, Prophecy, Birth Of The Wicked, The Coming Curse, Iced Earth

CD Three: Stand Alone, Cast In Stone, Desert Rain, Brainwashed, Disciples Of The Lie, When The Night Falls, Diary, Blessed Are You, Violate

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