Poor old Paul Gadd, erstwhile "leader" and syrup-sporting has-been...having been on the receiving end of an awful lot of bad press over the last year or so, I felt it only fair that the man once known as Paul Raven be honoured in some form on the Net. Terrifyingly enough there are already numerous sites available for fans of the man with the most under-subscribed gang in town. Here for you then is a reasonably comprehensive list of all the best Glitter-related high-jinks on the world wide whatever. And yes, I am taking the piss. The man's a nonce for fuck's sake!

(Just remember folks, if your name was Cockney Rhyming Slang for anus you would probably have a few strange hang-ups as well....PAEDER! PAEDER! "Welcome to Cuba, meestah Gadd, we've been expecting you....")


Matthew Bowie's Gary Glitter Site
Includes news, album track listings and other info!
Malcolm Robertson's Gary Glitter Site
"The man and his music, from 1944 to 1999" plans for the future Gary?
Gary Glitter's World Wide Web Site
Official approved by the man himself - contains more information than you need.
Alex's Gary Glitter Page
"Gary Glitter isn't just a superstar...he's a phenomenon!" - you've got that right, pal!
All Music Guide - Gary Glitter.
More gadding around in cyberspace...
Glitter Sextiltalt
The gadd news reaches Norway...Glitter fans will be shielded from the truth by the wonders of the Norwegian tongue.
Mike Leander Official Pages
Gary Glitter's producer. Well, I'm glad someone's taking the blame...
Do you wanna be in Gary's gang?
I would have thought the answer was obvious, but apparently not...
Artist Gary Glitter
More thrilling facts about Paul Francis Gadd.
Glam Rock Links
Links to the kind of sites Gary should have been visiting...
Paul Gadd's Homepage
Not that Paul Gadd, unfortunately, but some poor fucker with the same name. Probably a shit site as well...
The Showaddywaddy Web Site
Mummy, I'm scared! Make it stop!!!
Absolutely nothing to do with the porn-swilling old freak, but the mere fact that this exists amused me for several days.


If you have been mortally offended by my light-hearted guide to online Gaddery then bless yer heart! Obviously it's tough shit and I'm hardly likely to apologise, but if you feel the need to send me pathetic little humourless e-mails which only go towards proving that you are an apologist for the world of kiddy-porn then feel free! I could do with a giggle.