Escape this insulting rectal drool and move briskly on to a far superior website, where CDs are reviewed, fonts are free, and the swear words flow like a pensioner's piss. How enchanting.


Hello, good evening and what the fuck are you looking at? Oh yes, that's right, it's my fantastic little homepage - designed especially for anyone who hasn't quite yet grasped the exact nature of my greatness. Because, of course, that's what all these little personal homepages are all about, isn't it? Look at me and how utterly fucking fascinating I am. Track down those all-important nuggets of trivia about my dazzling existence.....and amaze your friends! Discover a whole new world of meaningless, self-referential bullshit from semi-literate cybertwats with astoundingly unremarkable interests and hobbies of such skull-crushing irrelevance that you'll be spewing your own skeleton through your nose by the time the whole shit-splattered mountain of appalling faecal-blurb has downloaded. You soulless, egotistical, creatively barren personality vacuums. Read a book, take a walk in the country, inject toilet-cleaner into your eyeballs.......just FUCK OFF!!!!!

Oh, and welcome to my homepage. It's a beauty!

As gullible as you surely are, it would still be a great pleasure to show you round my little world. Maybe you'd like to follow the links below, to one of the thrilling sections of my cock-wrenchingly thrilling homepage. Alternatively, maybe you'd like to sit in a pile of your own excrement, masturbating in a cavalier fashion. The choice, somewhat inevitably, is yours. Click away, shit-guzzlers!

Link Schmink

Dom's World Of Unpopular Music
Just the usual tedious list of bands & artists that I like. You know the drill.
Dom's World Of Dom
No one gives a shit about any of this, but it's here anyway. Enjoy!
Next Stop Bad Dreamsville...
My dodgy XTC page - features a quick nip through their studio albums...AND FUCK ALL ELSE!
Stoner Doom Explosion!
My dodgy Stoner Rock page...recommendations, a nice picture of Black Sabbath, blah blah blah etc
Gadd All Over
My humble tribute to everyone's favourite purveyor of filth & degradation, Mr "Up The" Gary Glitter! Sing if you're glad to be Gadd!
Iced Fucking Earth!
My tiny and inconsequential tribute to my favourite Metal band...UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!
Iron Fucking Maiden!
My tiny and inconsequential tribute to my other favourite Metal band...UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!

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